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Cybersecurity Consulting

What concerns do you have about your IT security?  Do you feel secure, impenetrable, safe?  Is there a solution out there that you need but don’t know about?  CRKL Solutions offers consulting services with technicians that have the certifications, the training, and the experience in all aspects of the latest technologies. 


It's All About Managing Risk!!!

CRKL Solutions approaches cybersecurity with the mantra that Information Security is a MANAGEMENT issue -- not an IT issue.

Let us help determine what is your company's most valuable asset and what steps you need to take (in a prioritized order) to best secure that asset.  


Cybersecurity Awareness Training

An organization can install all the latest hardware and software solutions designed to secure an infrastructure; but until it addresses its weakest link in the security chain – its people – hopes of a secure environment can never be realized.  

Training.  Training.  Training.